Enhance your Hunting with the Beartooth Comb Raising Kit

Hunting is a part of man’s long history. The practice has been going on for millions of years that began as a need for food. Today, wildlife hunting may be done for food, for recreation, pest control, for wildlife management or for the pure pleasure of hunting a prize catch.

If you’re doing responsible hunting, you’re helping the environment in maintaining the population of healthy animals in the absence of natural checks such as predators. Responsible hunting can help in the prevention of the extinction of significant fauna.

At Beartooth, we have contributed to the programs of wild game hunting industry by sponsoring activities on gun safety, hunting education and conservation, and through donations, we contribute positively to the privilege of being part of a great tradition and reap the benefits and exhilaration of being part of a hunting culture.

Hunting can be a taxing activity. As you peer into your scope to gauge your game target, you place your rifle butt near your face. Once the target is clear, you decide to pull the trigger. The gun fires and you feel the recoil. Without the Comb-Raising Kit you feel a lot more discomfort. In a hunting field where big game is abundant, a series of gun shots could be disheartening as you reel under the shock of recoil.

The Comb-Raising Kit fits most firearms without gunsmith installation. Available in brown, black, or Mossy Oak camouflage pattern, the kit converts your field stock to a Monte Carlo stock without permanent alterations. The Neoprene pad and foam inserts helps to reduce felt recoil on your face and can give a precise cheek rest height. The foam inserts come in various sizes for a fully adjustable comb height from 1/8” to ¼”, 3/8”, ” and 5/8”.

With the Beartooth Comb-Raising Kit, you significantly reduce the stress on your cheek and face during hunting allowing you to maximize your perceptual abilities on any game target.

Hunting is both a skill and an art and in the process of undertaking a somewhat difficult, sometimes dangerous personal mission, without Beartooth hunting accessories like the Comb-Raising Kit, the skill and art could be diminished.

Whether you go for big game or small game hunting Beartooth products are available to make your hunting sorties successful. As a specialist hunter trained for the purpose, you will need more than just the basic equipment to hunt game. You need the following to achieve success in the field out there, like your comb raising kit and other hunting accessories.

The practice, skill and art of modern hunting have gone a long way since the 20th century when rifles replaced bows and arrows and hunting accessories, including gun accessories were developed to a high degree. The Comb Raising Kit is one of the accessories designed to enhance your hunting prowess.

You can find the Comb Raising Kit in a number of sporting goods retailers like Sportsman’s Warehouse, Gander Mountain and Bass Pro Shops. You may also purchase our products through online e-commerce.

Hunting is a part of man’s long history. The practice has been going on for millions of years that began as a need for food and today, responsible hunting has helped in the prevention of the extinction of significant fauna. Visit site : http://www.beartooth-products.com/